iCargoes Group:no excuse,only service

Founded in HONG KONG in 2012 by Joëlle CHOWIs a diversified and information building company.

iCargoes Group:Mature electronic logistics

Logistics in  new era, iCargoes has foresaw the future of logistics, we need to do everything before ourselves.

Electronic, high-speed, convenient logistics will be instead of conventional logistics, late-model logitics will be accepted in the future.

iCargoes devoted ourselves to develop more and more roads of  international and domestic logistics.

iCargoes has transported more than 200 stes of  wind power for more than  3 years to the worldwide, including United Kingdom/Italy/Spain/Japan etc., we have rich experience to handle BB and OOG well.

iCargoes has joined SAMSUNG and became to their logistics partner, we also devote our 120% efforts to do everything which is required by costomer.

iCargoes Group:a leading edge of international trade

iCargoes has two-tier trade advantage both in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

With such strong base of free port, Hong Kong undertakes much more business from global business, our office has the advantage of foreign exchange  settlement.

With new Establishment of free trade zone, Shanghai office is accelerating development to become a new breed of entrepreneur under the background of the largest trading port in the world.

iCargoes Group:a leading edge of new tourism  industry

More and more people are beginning to be take a keen interest in traveling.

Traditional tourism wastes a lot of time for us, plenty of free attractions and appointed point of consumption occupy the whole trip, that is why we want to reform the traditional tourism, we need to return a free, amusing, meaningful trip to everyone.

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